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you're here because you're over the yo-yo approach

All the diets you’ve tried have failed you. And not because you suck at diets.
If anything you’re probably great at dieting.
They’ve failed you because the diet mentality is not innate, nor is it sustainable long term.

The story is usually goes something like this:
You try ‘X’ diet. You’re plugging along for a few weeks, probably losing a few pounds, hitting the gym regularly, feeling pretty good about what’s happening to your body.

Real life happens. You have no control over where the office orders lunch from and you're left with the decision to order the house salad (and that iceberg ain't sounding so hot!) or the burrito- and oooooh that fresh queso has you on the verge of drooling. Of course you have the burrito (pssst- I would've too!) But you criticize yourself and your body for not being 'better', and say to yourself, “I’ll start again tomorrow, and I'll make sure to pack a lunch so THIS doesn’t happen again.”

But babe, let’s be honest, you know this cycle always does happen. Again and again and again. 
And the only thing that’s going to actually break the cycle and allow you to feel the way you’re really looking to feel, is to throw the diet rulebooks out the window.

My job is to help you reach your health related goals without letting that relentless cycling harsh your vibe.

work with holly lowery, anti-diet advocate and health coach


DIY Coaching

One-on-one coaching for the girl who’s ready to take creative control over her body story.

If you’re ready to let go of your old dieting habits, find a sense of ease and trust in your body, make food choices that make you feel ahhhmazing, and do it in a way that feels *intuitive – It’s time to DIY your plan.




body truce

Feel like thoughts of food and weight have taken over your brain? Tired of looking in the mirror and feeling blah about your bod? This is a personal invitation from yours truly to start airing out all the stuff that’s lying underneath your desire to inhabit a different body. By the end of this program you’ll have the knowledge and tools necessary to feel less weight and food obsessed, sexier + more confident in your bod + empowered by your own worthiness to start finally going after the sh*t that matters to you beyond your looks.




Food Freedom Formula e-course

Over the plethora of diets, cleanses, and 'clean eating' programs (that never work, let's be real!) and want a concrete formula for feeling calm, cool & collected around food? This 5 week e-course is a great launching point into your Anti-Diet journey. 





moving forward group

This summer I’m hosting the Moving Forward group at Cafe at 407. No fee & no registration necessary.Moving Forward is a support group for women struggling with eating disorders, disordered eating, or body dissatisfaction. This is a peer, drop-in group, so there’s no commitment needed.


what is a health coach

I look at your specific situation and goals, but look further than just the food and fitness stuff. I cover the total mind-body-spirit spectrum- ’cause trust me, you can’t have one without the other!

My heart mission is to help you uncover all those icky underlying issues that feed into your struggles with food + body image and then I help you design a tangible plan of action to overcome those underlying struggles.

As your coach I’m is with you like glue, every step of the way to provide accountability and support to make absolutely certain you reach those killer goals of yours!

My programs offer the insight of a nutritionist with the support of what’s basically if your therapist and your best girlfriend made a baby.



got 99 problems with food & your bod, but not sure where to start?