Holly Lowery
Eating Disorder Recovery Coach & Anti-Diet Advocate

Well + Weird community calls

well + weird podcast group coaching community calls

These Q+A calls are my way of inviting more folks into the work of healing their relationships with food & their bodies.

If I've learned anything in the last two years, it's that going through the recovery process can be tricky, and incredibly frustrating to find accessible and impactful resources that go deeper than just inspiring instagram content. So in an effort to make my coaching services more accessible, these Q+A calls are donation based, commitment free, and if I've done my job, communally healing.

ALL are welcome. Come as you are with an open heart and your favorite notebook.


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The need to know:

Q+A calls are NOT live. They are pre-recorded videos where I will answer all of the questions that have been submitted ahead of time.

Your question could pertain to specifics about treatment, how to set up a support network, how to get past a certain roadblock with body image, or even how to handle a difficult conversation with family and friends about how they can better support you.

The suggested donation is $10, and is deeply appreciated as your support allows me to continue this work. Please consider leaving whatever donation you can afford in exchange for this healing work.

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