Holly Lowery
Eating Disorder Recovery Coach & Anti-Diet Advocate

Well + Weird Clubhouse

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the well + weird clubhouse provides the space, strategy and accountability for honing your self care skills

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It's time for you to take up space

Let me ask you this...

Do you spend the majority of your time taking care of others?

Do you often go to bed with a face full of makeup, because you've used up every last bit of energy on other people and can't fathom doing anything else before turning in for the night?

Do you feel disconnected? From yourself? Your vision? Your people? Your spirit?

Do you crave a sweet slowness, but can't fathom how you're ever going to get there with the pace you're moving at now?

This club is for the womxn who is ready to put her needs first
who is ready to take her power back
 who is ready to realign with her soul.

The Well + Weird Clubhouse is an invitation for you to explore what makes you feel tended to, and to take up the space you need to feel fully at home in your body, and in your life.

Whether you're looking for new a new approach to taking care of your body and spirit, in need of a major self care overhaul, or seeking another layer of support through your healing process, there is space for you here.

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Self care that sticks


I'm sure you're no stranger to the 'self-care' term. But through the layers of rigid and unrealistic recommendations from the wellness industry, our subscription to the word 'busy', and let's not forget the need to do it all, be it all, and have it all taught to us by the patriarchy and diet culture- true self care has gotten lost.

What do I mean by true self care?

At it's core, self care should be intricately woven into the fabric of your already full life. It should feel like a natural expansion on all the magic you've already got goin' on. It shouldn't ever feel like a chore. It shouldn't feel like something you have to 'do.'

Self care is about being. Being present. Being tended to. Being satisfied. Being connected. Being lit up from within.

Based on my own personal and professional experience, I know that self care is a non-negotiable. It is the foundation from which healing and recovery is built. (psssst! Don't identify with being in 'recovery'? Maybe this will change your mind). Without it we are unable to show up as our whole selves.

This club provides space and accountability for you to hone your self care skills in a way that aligns with your lifestyle, preferences and most importantly, your needs! It will provide you with the skills and support to deep dive into a place where you are finally taken care of; where you feel at home. 

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Clubhouse protocol:

The Clubhouse offers a blend of group coaching, self care teachings from the experts, communal support, and guidance for deepening your connection to your needs, dreams and intuition.

Every month you'll receive...

  • A lesson in self care from yours truly, along with activities to guide you through the teachings
  • An invitation to our circle ceremony, a 120 minute group coaching call where we share, ask for and offer support to each other around all things self care, spirituality, healing, recovery and self acceptance
  • An exclusive interview with a series of hand-selected experts, for your ears only
  • Woo-woo extras, which will vary between tarot readings, crystal grids, guided meditations, breathwork, moon rituals and other magic as I feel it applies to our work
  • Community connection via Slack- because we don't have to go it alone!

All content will be delivered via email on the 1st Monday of the month, and group coaching calls will happen via Zoom Meetings on the third Monday evening (EST) of the month.

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Join the club

Spots are limited! I'm only opening 16 spaces for this program, as I want to be able to connect deeply with each and every one of you

Exchange: $40// month, 3 month minimum commitment

OR $440// year (one free month)

Want a sneak peak? Join me for the '5 Secrets for Self Care That Sticks' webinar July 9th! Snag your spot here


well and weird clubhouse

the clubhouse IS FOR YOU IF:


You're over diet-centric 'health' recommendations, and want to learn to take care of yourself intuitively

You want to create habits that light you up, but aren't sure how to do that without getting rigid about it

You're feeling stretched thin, unattended to, or out of touch with your life vision

You feel like everyone else on the planet has this whole "mindfulness" thing down, except for you

You're transitioning out of working with a higher level of care and want to make sure you're supported

You're not even sure what you need but know that something big is missing

You're in need of some serious connection with spirit and want some extra help tapping back in

There's space for you here.