Holly Lowery
Eating Disorder Recovery Coach & Anti-Diet Advocate

New years workshop

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Out with the resolution, in with the intention


It is possible to take care of yourself without resorting to the rules & regs of diet culture. And caring for yourself begins with a spirit-aligned intention.


I know you're craving a shift. There is a special kind of magic at this time of the year- a magic that lights a fire within you to make the change & do the healing you've been feeling called toward. You're ready to change your relationship with your body, change your mindset around health, and change your actions around food & movement. And you're ready to do that without obsession and without the endless diet cycle.

The thing about change is that in order for it to last it has to come directly from making choices that align with your values; choices that come from a place of self care.

Traditional resolutions aren't aligned with self care. Resolutions play into diet culture and keep you feeling stuck & dissatisfied in your body. Resolutions are out. 

So instead of setting another resolution this year we'll set an intention

Intention is about setting the tone for how you want to live. Setting a spirit-aligned intention is about tapping into your intuition for guidance as to how you can best care for yourself. And when you're regularly enacting self care, you're able to re-route old beliefs, do away with habits that are draining you and reject the narrow health and beauty ideals that are keeping you stuck in the diet mentality.

This kind of self care has nothing to do with changing your body, and everything to do with loving and nurturing yourself.

This kind of self care allows you up to move through this world all sorts of lit up.


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It's gonna get a bit woo-woo


2018 is the year of the High Priestess in the tarot. Whether you're into tarot or not, this year holds tons of potential for you to really get cozy with your intuition, show compassion and respect toward your body and prioritize the slow & flow before the shoulds and to-do's. 

This year is a huge opportunity for us to make bold shifts towards self care and this workshop takes place on the first new moon of the year, January 16th. The new moon symbolizes new beginnings and presents an opportunity for you to get really dreamy and intentional about your next steps. 

In a nutshell, if you were waiting for the right moment to work on your relationship with your bod, this is it. This is the perfect time to rebuild your foundation; to set up new beliefs about your body and new practices for nurturing yourself. 

We're going to harness the sacred starting power of the new year and new moon to burst through your body-acceptance blocks and hone your self care skills.


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How this works:

On the night of January 16th, we'll come together over Zoom for an intensive virtual workshop. Come with an open heart, ready to put the pen to paper!

We'll first start with a breath-based meditation to center in together and set the tone for the evening.

From there we'll spend some time examining what you want to heal most right now, and releasing some of the old limiting beliefs you may have about yourself and your body 

After that we'll work through a series of worksheets for you to walk away with a solid self care foundation for the new year to come



Ready to set your intention & hone your self care skills? 

Workshop exchange: $22

Meeting deets: Jan. 16th, 6-8pm EST, via Zoom 

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+ 2 hours of group coaching as you create your new self care strategy

+ a workbook filled with practical activities to help you get strategic

+ a spirit-aligned vision & self care plan to kick off the new year

+ the crazy-powerful combo of Group, New Moon & High Priestess healing energy

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This workshop is for you if:


You're over the all the diet-centered "health" & self care practices, but not ready to say eff it when it comes to taking care of yourself

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You want to create habits in the new year that light your soul up and energize your body, but aren't sure how to do that now that you're choosing to reject the diet mentality

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You're in need of some serious connection with spirit but aren't sure how to tap in on your own

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You're ready to get really clear on what lights you up (& what doesn't), your values and priorities, your vision for the year and what actions are going to nourish your body & soul


Ready to set your intention & hone your self care skills?

Workshop exchange: $22

Meeting deets: Jan. 16th, 6-8pm EST, via Zoom