Holly Lowery
Health Coach & Anti-Diet Advocate



Health Coach & Anti-Diet advocate

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You don't need another diet to feel like a boss in your bod.

You just need some soul-driven strategy & support. I've got you. Start with my free worksheets & resources in the Vault, along with weekly(ish) coaching emails from someone who gets it! 


The vault

Over the constant rollercoaster of dieting? I've created a VIP library of worksheets & journaling prompts for you to take some guided action right now. (yeah, it's freeee!)

the podcast

Hearing stories of healing, recovery, body acceptance & weird ways to be well has been invaluable in my own Intuitive Eating journey. So I made you a podcast for you to have the same.

the teachings

My health coaching courses & programs offer a blend of strategy & woo, empowering YOU to take intuitive control over your health, body image & your relationship with food.



How to prioritize your health (The anti-diet way)

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Thinking you might need some extra support working through these steps, or figuring out what your next step is? My Food Freedom Formula might be the trick. Think of it as your Intuitive-Eating-Starter-Pack. 



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