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Food Freedom Formula

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When's the last time food felt eeeeasy?


You know, sans guilt or "shoulds." Without the counting, calculating, budgeting. Without having to reference what your favorite Instagram "nutrition expert" had for lunch this week. Without having to choose between healthy and dang delicious. Without having to have the salad while watching your partner slurp their spaghetti. 

When's the last time deciding what to eat was as simple as asking yourself the question, "What do I want right now?"

I'm gonna guess it's been a hot minute. 

But here's the thing, food SHOULD feel as easy as that. Food should be as simple for us as it is for a child. 

Kids can stand in front of a buffet and pick their favorite things carefully (but not obsessively) as they consider what's going to make them feel gooooood. Good on multiple levels. They eat with gusto until they feel satisfied. Then they go play and forget about the food altogether, until they're hungry again. 

Kids know so instinctually what they want and need. And you do too. Or at least you did. At some point, probably before the dawn of Atkins, Whole-30, Weight Watchers, and a whole other slew of diets I won't name, you knew exactly what you wanted and needed to eat in order to fully LIVE. 

It's just going to take some stripping back of all the layers that diet culture has plastered over your ability to intuitively eat.


Here's the how

01. You have to give yourself permission to trust your instincts.

02. You have to get consciously curious about what's driving your appetite, and how your specific body and health history may affect your appetite.

03. You've gotta figure out what you like, what you want, and what brings you that kind of pleasure and and confidence; you know, the pleasure your kid-self seeks. Not just with food, but with all the stuff in your life.

04. You've gotta find a way to take back your power; the power that diet culture has worked so hard to take from you.

05. You need a base line understanding of how certain foods affect your body so you can make more empowered decisions about food.


& here's the formula:

Permission + Conscious Curiosity + Pleasure + Empowerment + Gentle Nutrition =

Food Freedom


Sounds too simple & too woo-woo to actually work, riiiiiight? 

I can promise you that, while this looks a little bit different for every body, these are the basic building blocks for feeling at ease around food. And when you can feel like food is just another thang -like it's not this guilt laden, complicated thing you have to deal with- then you subsequently feel that sense of ease with your body. And that freedom, well that's the end game, right?!

Being free from the confines of eating perfectly creates the space for you to do the things that really light you up; the things you feel called to do in this world.


What's it look like?

+ A weekly audio lesson from yours truly on one of the components of the food freedom formula

+ A workbook designed to help you get strategic yet soul-aligned while working through the lessons

+ A second weekly pep-talk email packed with motivation, tactics for avoiding the common pitfalls of each component, and a little woo to keep you tapped into your why

+ A one-on-one session after the course for you and I to connect, get clear on what needs work, what's next and set up some strategies for you to take all that you've learned and actually make it work!

All content is self-paced, and delivered via email


Food freedom formula


What food freedom really means


Making healthy choices should be easy. It should feel intuitive. It should feel authentic. This course is how you make that your truth.

Here's the thing: Health isn't your moral obligation. It's not a pre-requisite for 'the good life.' It does not determine your identity or your value.

I need you to know that, whether or not you take this course. 

However, I know that personally, if I'm not paying at least a little attention to how my body feels, all the other stuff in my life doesn't feel quite aligned. 

This course is about having the tools and the space necessary to figure out what your version of health looks like (and that includes mental & spiritual health!), so that you can find the tools, practices, and foods that support you in that pursuit.

It ain't about the weight. But for reals, this isn't a weight loss program. 

This isn't a class to teach you how to have more self control with food, or to help you stay organized and on track with any diet. This isn't going to teach you about portion control or macros. 

This is a sustainable, intuitive, gentle & practical approach for eating. 

Eating will feel eaaaasy. It will feel naturally satisfying. It will feel liberating. 

No more calculating, or obsessing about whether or not to go with the fries or the side salad. No more late nights in front of your computer researching which juice fast or tea-tox will be arriving on your doorstep next. No more comparing your plate to your girlfriend's to see whether or not you're eating "normally."

You'll be making choices from a place of pleasure and curiosity; which is crazy empowering, and ultimately the most satisfying & healthy way to feed your fine self.


Want some extra support along the way?


In addition to the workbook, audio lessons and individual coaching session, you can upgrade your Food Freedom package to get even more out of this time of self growth

gn (1).png

Text support during through the 5 weeks of the course to answer your questions and pick you up & dust you off when the going gets tough $50

gn (2).png

Additional initial & half-way coaching sessions (2) for even more guidance at the beginning & middle of your course work $100

gn (3).png

Grocery guidance as you plan & execute your first grocery haul following the module on Gentle Nutrition. This is great for anyone who struggles to break out of their usual foods, in addition to anyone who wants to explore healthy foods at the grocery store without spending hours reading labels. We'll meet via Skype to discuss your grocery & food preparation goals, and then FaceTime through your local grocery market together $100


Two 1.5 hour virtual cooking lessons to get you hands on in the kitchen discovering new tastes, learning how to balance your meals, practicing a variety of methods for cooking and preparing foods & support while tuning into your hunger|satiety cues as you eat $200

Food freedom intuitive eating holly lowery

who this course is for

This course is for the woman who knows she's ready to get out of the diet cycle, the endless counting, the guilt she feels around eating and the shame she feels about her body. It's for the woman who is deeply devoted to finding an alternative to the physically, mentally & energetically draining nature of dieting, but isn't sure how to start.

This course is not a quick fix but it is your stater pack. It will acquaint you with the basic concepts of breaking down dieting habits, Intuitive Eating and body acceptance. Consider this your intro to life without food anxiety; consider this your intro to freedom. 

If you're in need of some quick support, major guidance & a more structured approach to Intuitive Eating, this course will likely be your jam.

Who this course is not for

This is not for the woman who is deeply struggling with a severe eating disorder. While I would love to be your rock through that, I'm unfortunately not qualified to oversee your recovery in that way. I do however have some resources that I could connect you too if you're not sure where else to go. 

This course is also not for the woman who needs daily support to keep accountable, unless you want to add text support, additional full sessions, or my newest offering, bite-size sessions, for more frequent checkins. This course is power, baby. But you've gotta take action and do the work on your end!


Wait wait, why Holly?


Here's the thing no one else is going to tell you about your relationship with food: it's not really about the food, or about your willpower, how grounded you feel as a person. It's about a culture and system that sets women up to fail from the time we are three years old.

I went from an intuitive eater as a kid, to a dieting pro by the time I was 16 and continued on that way until I was 22 and severely struggling with orthorexia. And guess what, sweets? I still didn't feel "normal" around food or in my body no matter how many gurus I listened to, how many cleanses I tried or how many pounds I lost.

I didn't feel normal because I learned (just as we all do!) from the time I was three that my body was never going to be "normal" unless it looked like the 1% of women represented in the media. 

I'm here to change the story; the story that women's bodies aren't "normal" if they don't resemble super model bods; that their bodies aren't worthy of love and affection and success if they're not thin and curvy and smooth and edgy and dimply-in-the-right places all at once. I'm here to remind you that you are WORTHY of feeling safe and comfortable and better than normal in your body just as it is.

I'm here to help you re-write your body story. And if food sends you into a spiral about your body, this formula is your starting place.

food freedom formula