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Health Coach & Anti-Diet Advocate

DIY Coaching

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You, just as you are now, deserve to feel like ten million little fireflies have just flown into your cells and are lighting you up from within. 

Not 10 pounds from now. Not 4 dress sizes from now. And definitely not 30 days of clean eating from now.

You are worthy, capable, and (quite frankly!) overdue of feeling confident, comfy & at home in your body.

& here's the thing, it's

simpler than you think

You’ve read every article known to woman on “how to meal plan to keep on track with your diet.”

You’ve even bought some tea-toxes, metabolism boosting beans or -my personal fave (ha!)- countless diet books

You’ve counted, and calculated, and portioned it all just like they told you, so why do you still feel like crap? 

Because diets do. not. work. 

But most people don’t have the guts to say it out loud because they’d be losing a whole lot of (your) money.

So what’s a lady to do then?

anti diet health coach

The most simple, intuitive, BS-proof approach to health & wellness you’ve seen since Mom told you to eat more veggies.

Anti-Dieting is about throwing out the rules (that haven’t been working anyways!), granting permission to all foods, and getting curious about what it is that your really want, at your core. 

It’s about letting go of the need to eat perfectly & inviting in more flexibility,

So you can really figure out what foods, movement, and habits make you feel like the shining star I know you can be.

you don't just deserve to make this shift, you need to

Dieting, detoxing, disordered eating and over-exercising- they’re all reeking havoc on your body like you wouldn’t believe.

Every time you diet:

+ Your metabolism plummets & your ability to burn energy decreases

+ Your set point weight creeps up and up (the natural weight your body is healthiest and happiest at)

+ Your body starts tapping into it’s own muscle stores- and I’m not just talking about your biceps, I’m talking heart, liver, lungs

+ Your hunger and fullness cues start to get harder and harder to hear, making Intuitive Eating less and less “intuitive”

+ And your hunger & satiation hormones get all out of whack, making you feel ravenous more often than not, and rarely satisfied even after a meal

But here’s the good news my dear: you’re here. That’s half the battle.

With your most “heck yes- I’m worthy!” energy and my expertise in systematically deconstructing dieting habits, I’ll take you from yo-yo diet pro, to Intuitive Eater extraordinaire.

how it works holly lowery

01. First we come together and get clear on your most authentic goals, identify your personal blockages and set up a strategy for going from dieter to anti-dieter.

02. You DIY your plan from there with the number of sessions per months & how long you’d like to partner up.

03. Each session you get personal talk-it-out time with me to hash out what’s been working, what’s been making you want to hide under the covers, and what’s next on your Anti-Diet journey. Every time we chat you leave with 2-3 inspired action steps (a.k.a your homework!) to implement out there in the real world.

04. Depending on your personal sitch, you also get a follow up from me with pertinent worksheets & assignments to help you take all the chatter in your head, put it to paper and start curating your own ah-ha!moments.

05. I know this stuff is scary and new and often lonely at first, so you have digital access to me between sessions for all your questions, fears and moments of uncertainty.

06.  And because I know the power of planning, you and I co-create a progress-tracking calendar so we can chart your goals, track your big wins and strategize your anti-diet success. This is one of your most valuable resources for momentum along the way, pluuuus it’s always fun peeking back over your journey & re-celebrating all the magic you’ve made!


So now let's DIY your custom action plan


+ Strategic calls with yours truly to get you feeling confident & comfy in your body, and keep you accountable to your new goals (plus! our call recording for future reference & reflection!)

+ a co-created progress calendar with your tailored goals & action steps

+ bonus support between sessions

+ lessons in Gentle Nutrition & Intuitive Eating

+ Worksheets, assignments & personal prompts to help you get clear about your goals, identify your pressure points and fast-track your Anti-Diet success

whatever your bottom line, 

you get:



Ready to put your body and your SELF at the top of your priority list, and toss the diet rules, for reals this time?

Schedule a no-strings-attached Skype date where we'll talk goals, your food & body history & strategize how you're going to break those old yo-yo habits.


These are the things I want for you

& if we work together you'll have them. Promise.

+ To be able to open the fridge, pick what sounds good, eat it without guilt and power through the rest of your day.

+ To delete all the nutrition tracking, calorie counting apps off your phone. I know you need more photo space, girl!

+ To take all that energy you’ve been putting towards weight-loss and put it towards your next big project.

+ To walk into a room without feeling like you’ve got to hide in your biggest sweater.

+ To have an unquestionable understanding of your body & it’s desires.

+ To eat without feeling like you need to explain or justify your food choices- to yourself or others!

+ To say YES to the thing you’ve been letting your size & shape get in the way of.

Holly Lowery is a health coach, Anti-Diet advocate, podcaster, and curiosity enthusiast whose main mission is to get you going deeper. Deeper into your desire to change your body.

Deeper into your often skimmed-over emotions, and deeper into your life’s larger purpose.

Holly know’s first hand that by shifting away from the obsessive nature of dieting, the amount of space that opens up in your life for more creativity, ease, connection, success, and (self)love is unreal. It’s her D.R.E.A.M to take you from yo-yo diet pro to Intuitive Eating expert so that you can find that kind of space too. ‘Cause you’ve got amazing things to do in this world.

Holly’s coached both groups and one-on-one clients, helping them do just that. She’s also been featured in place like Mind Body Green and The List for her work and theAnti-Diet message she’s sharing.