Holly Lowery
Eating Disorder Recovery Coach & Anti-Diet Advocate

Speaking + Consulting

Holly Lowery is an eating disorder recovery coach, anti-diet advocate and expert in the field of eating disorder recovery. She uses self care and spirituality as the basis for all of her work around healing.

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Let's change the culture together

While personal coaching is my heart's work, educating and spreading awareness around health, beauty and body image is equally as important if we are to change the culture long-term.

You know, so that our children (and their children) can grow up in a world free from disordered eating & body dissatisfaction.

The beliefs we have about how to take care, nourish, and be happy in our bodies has unfortunately been pretty warped by messages from the media and the diet & fitness industries. Even some areas of wellness & self help have been infiltrated by misleading messages about how to take care of ourselves. But not all is lost, because we have the power to use our voices, talents and experiences to change the culture.

Through speaking, consulting and connecting It's my mission to dismantle the misleading and harmful messages we've been exposed to, in order to build healthier beliefs about health, beauty, body, and food.


I'm available for:

  • Educational and professional workshops 
  • Inspirational keynotes on Intuitive Eating, Disordered Eating Recovery, Body Acceptance, Health at Every Size + more
  • Classroom presentations & workshops
  • Podcast requests & media appearances
  • Consulting for parents, educators and care-takers on raising Intuitive Eaters as well as repairing relationships with food & body

Currently I am an Ambassador for Ophelia's Place, a non-profit dedicated to providing treatment, support, education, and community for all those impacted by disordered eating, and body dissatisfaction. Through working with Ophelia's Place, I've had the opportunity to train and speak about Intuitive Eating, body acceptance and Health at Every Size throughout New York State in schools, workshops, artistic performances and more.

I have also had the opportunity to interview with and contribute to regional and national media outlets such as Mind Body Green, Syracuse Woman Magazine, Medium, The List and Circles of Change. You can also find me as a guest on podcasts like Mind Body Musings and Love Rising. 

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