Holly Lowery
Eating Disorder Recovery Coach & Anti-Diet Advocate

Recovery Coaching

Need extra support to recover from an eating disorder, disordered eating or negative body image? Holly offers 1-on-1 and e-course based support and strategy for healing and recovery

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Can I tell you a little secret about disordered eating recovery? 

The key to feeling better in your body, 'normal' around food & like a boss in your life has absolutely nothing to do with more rules, shoulds or to-do's.

Healing your relationship with your body starts with sustainable self care, connection to spirituality and the choice to let go of the mindsets and behaviors that are keeping you feeling imperfect, unworthy & dis-content.

All of my work is centered around laying a solid foundation of self care that serves your heart & mind first. It's about learning to tap your own intuition rather than following someone else's rules. It's about prioritizing your self & learning to set boundaries. It's about giving you the tools & support to be able to step out of the negative self-talk spiral, take care of yourself, and playing an active role in your own recovery process.

You'll master the art of making choices from your intuition, and learn how to trust yourself around food & movement. You'll be able to recognize your own unique beauty, needs and values. And you'll feel confident advocating for yourself and standing up to the voices & messages that are keeping you from fully recovering from your eating disorder, disordered thoughts & behaviors around food, and negative body image.

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Here's how we can work together:




My coaching offers support and clarity for those who are ready to heal from disordered eating and body dissatisfaction, feel normal around food, and create sustainable self care practices. Say hello to personal cheerleading & strategic support as you break through those destructive patterns!