Holly Lowery
Health Coach & Anti-Diet Advocate


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I know you're over the yo-yo approach

All the diets you’ve tried have failed you. And not because you suck at them. If anything you’re probably great at dieting. They’ve failed you because the diet mentality is not innate, nor is it sustainable long term.

The story is usually goes something like this:
You try ‘X’ diet. You’re plugging along for a few weeks, probably losing a few pounds, hitting the gym regularly, feeling pretty good about what’s happening to your body.
But all of a sudden every waking thought you have seems to revolve around food- what you'll eat next, when you'll eat next, what you'll get at the grocery store, what to meal prep, how to resist that chocolate cake someone brought into the office, how you're going to make it to your next meal without going bananas. Until finally you cave, eat the cake, criticize yourself and your body for not being 'better', and hop back online looking for the latest and greatest detox diet, hoping that this time will be the time it works for good.

But babe, let’s be honest, you know this is a cycle. And you know you've been in it for way too long.
And the only thing that’s going to actually break the cycle and allow you to feel the way you’re really looking to feel, is to throw the all of the diet rulebooks out the window.

My job is to help you drop that diet cycle so you can reach your health goals.


How we can work together:


Food Freedom Formula e-course

This is for the person who wants a concrete formula for feeling calm, cool & collected around food. Think of this 5 week e-course as the starter pack for your Anti-Diet journey. 


1-on-1 Coaching

My coaching offers support and clarity for those who are ready to heal from body dissatisfaction, feel normal around food, create sustainable self care practices and heal underlying trauma and/or emotional blocks to body acceptance. Say hello to personal cheerleading, supportive healing & loads of self care strategy!




New Moon Workshops

Ready to release old body beliefs, set spirit-aligned intentions & hone your self care skills? My new moon virtual workshops are a quick way to get clear on what what needs healing & strategies for tending to yourself.



But why hire a coach?

Aren't there about 10000 books, podcasts & #Bodypositive Instagram accounts to follow instead?

Look, unraveling the years of diet havoc takes a load of support, accountability & insight. As hard as dieting can feel, the process of learning to trust your body & tend to it without rigid rules can be even harder.

Not because it's impossible, but because it goes against everything we've ever been told about how to take care of ourselves. You absolutely can do this on your own, but without a solid foundation of support (in addition to years of personal & professional experience!), you're likely going to feel like you've been thrown to the wolves.

As your coach I’m with you like glue every step of the way, packing some gentle strategy, killer accountability &  intuitive insight to make absolutely certain you reach your health goals & step out of the diet cycle for good.



got 99 problems with food & your bod, but not sure where to start?


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I got SO much clarity from the one-on-one sessions. Getting your feedback, as well as just hearing myself talk really helped my recovery.

It’s such a blessing to not be restricting carbs; I’m most excited about eating pasta again & allowing myself to eat the things that I want without restricting them because they don’t meet the food criteria I used to set for myself.
— A.W.
Holly helped me learn that It’s all about Permission! Giving myself permission to not only eat anything, but to also talk it out, changed the way I think about food.

Working with Holly helped me leave my comfort zone and stop obsessing about my weight, so that I can do the things that really matter to me like projects I’ve been putting off around the house and traveling to new places with my godchildren.
— W.C.
I’m finally starting to be happy with the body I have.

After a few months of our sessions I had this overwhelming moment where I realized, I take part in the diversity of this world, and if I try to take away from who I am I’m no longer contributing to that diversity.

I’m finally to the point where I know I can have whatever I want, and now I focus more on what I actually like and a lot of things have lost their appeal. Because I don’t “ban” certain foods anymore, I can focus on the things that make me feel good and also enjoy things like champagne and cake on my birthday and not feel bad about it.”
— R.H.