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Ayurveda + mindful eating with Holly + Shauna of Good Morning Guru


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In this week's episode of Well + Weird I had the pleasure of chatting with Holly and Shauna of Good Morning Guru. 

Holly is a yoga teacher and marketing specialist based in Idaho, and Shauna is a holistic chef and nutritional wellness counsellor based in NYC. The combination of Holly and Shauna's work and passions paved the road for their super inspiring blog, Good Morning Guru.

Through sharing recipes, mantras, mediations, yoga and tools for self-awareness they hope to help you awaken your guru within.

Highlights from the episode:

  • Nourishing your self with creative work
  • Ayurveda 101: a tool for clarity
  • How to tune into your needs and current wellbeing
  • Ayurveda through cooking + eating
  • 'Food prepping' for the very busy... sooo 'food prepping' for all of us right?
  • Mindful eating: what it is and how to start {insights from a buddhist monastery}