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13. DIY skin care, kombucha everything + household faves {weird things I'm into}


This is the last episode of season one as I gear up for season two, and in it I'm sharing some of the weird things I'm into lately.. In the episode I share my new favorite notebooks, what I've been drinking in the mornings, my new skin care must-have-can't-live-without DIY product, some of my favorite clothes + products, what I've been loving for movement, 3 different ways in which I use kombucha on the regular, and some of my favorite books and podcasts of the moment.

If you have a guest or topic you'd like to see me cover on the podcast, please let me know here!


Some of the items mentioned in the podcast:

Decomposition notebook

highly intuitive people

circles of changea new body consciousnessklaen kanteen

seneca drums gin







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Health Fuels Hustle with Amy Kuretsky

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