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18. Sexuality, Menstruation & Embodiment with Dr. Roxanne Partridge


Dr. Roxanne Partridge is a jungian depth psychologist, relational sexuality practitioner & menstruality advocate dedicated to guiding you towards your unique empowered embodiment from the depths up & out. She is the creator of embodyperiod – a space for women and menstruators to heal the wounds of the struggle to be themselves in the world, and to embody what they can want. Period. Roxanne also hosts some amazzzzing workshops in the Hudson Valley area of upstate Ny=Y in embodiment, menstruation, sexual trauma, sisterhood and more. You can find more deets on that here, but here's a quick overview of what we got to chat about this week on the podcast:


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Some highlights from the episode:

  • Interpreting your body's unique cues
  • The 4 dimensional wheel method
  • Resources for tracking your menstrual cycle
  • Strategies for being fully embodied
  • PMS positives & negatives
  • Curiosity as a wellness tool

Resources Mentioned: