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55. Reclaiming fatness, living with disabilities, disordered eating recovery and witchcraft with Minerva Siegel AKA Spooky Fat Babe

Minerval Siegel Spooky fat babe

In this week's episode I got to sit down with Minerva Siegel, AKA Spooky Fat Babe. Minerva is a plus size model, poet & writer who's been published both in print and online internationally. Via her blog and her instagram, she shares her insights into all things body acceptance, fat positivity, living with disabilities, spirituality and witchcraft, self care and more. 

In this episode we discuss her relationship with food and her body, and how it has evolved to current day. We discuss her lens on self care, and how for her a large part of self care is shadow work. We talk about how her disabilities played a role in her being able to make peace with her body. And SO. MUCH. MORE. JUICY. STUFF.