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Episode 05. Feeling the Richness of your Life through Journaling with Katie Dalebout


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Katie Dalebout is an author, podcaster, mentor and journaling enthusiast. Her recently published book, Let It Out: A Journey Through Journaling, is one of my favorite tools for tuning into my intuition. Katie's podcast Let It Out, has been touted by The Huffington Post as one of 10 women hosted podcasts you should be listening to right now. 

Her slew of creative work has been a HUGE player in my own journey through self-awareness and I think you'll find her to be equally as inspiring and relatable when it comes to your own journey.


Katie and I got to chat about:

  • the difference between keeping a journal and a diary
  • how to break through the "weird" feelings around journaling 
  • finding clarity through the chaos with writing
  • journaling as another form of meditation
  • it's never really about your weight
  • feeling the richness of your emotions without judgement
  • diversifying your coping mechanisms
  • dealing with perfectionism and learning the difference between shame + guilt
  • following your curiosity to narrow in on your passions


Favorite quote:

"stagnation is the only thing to fear"