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12. Bullet Journaling for Health|Self Care with Jess Chung of Pretty Prints and Paper


Subscribe in iTunes On this week's episode I had the pleasure of chatting with Jess of Pretty Prints and Paper. Jess is a blogger, teacher, bullet journaling & hand lettering enthusiast and all around creative boss lady.

I wanted to have Jess on the podcast because I know that for me journaling has been instrumental in my own healing process in relation to food & body image struggles. I also know that whatever weird stuff you're facing, journaling of any sort could be a super useful, easy to access, heart opening, mind quieting tool to work through it.

Something I love about Jess's work & blog is that she always keeps it simple. It's really easy to get wrapped up in "not having the right tools" or "messing up" when there's a blank page in front of you. But she does a great job at bringing it back to the basics while continually producing inspiring & aesthetically pleasing work.

You can follow Jess's creative journey on her blog and her Instagram where she shares lettering tutorials, bullet journaling spreads, self care challenges and all of her best practices for developing her creative voice.



In the episode we chatted about:

  • Her journey into a creative practice
  • The importance of setting intentions
  • Using creativity to strengthen intuition
  • walking the fine line between inspiration and copycatting
  • How bullet journaling has helped her develop a self care routine

Resources mentioned in the episode: