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11. Intuition: A tool for sustainable & inspired transformation with Lauren Aletta


In this week's podcast episode, Lauren Aletta of Inner Hue and I got to dive deep into harnessing the power and wisdom of our intuition. Lauren explains that by learning to listen to that inner voice -those gut feelings that we've been trained to ignore- we're better able to navigate our lives and follow our passions. Lauren Aletta is a teacher, author and guide of all things intuition and energy. Her work has empowered numerous humans like you and I to tune in to what she call's the 'soul self,' so that we can feel more connected, supported and guided in our own lives.

She has created countless resources like her Soul School Monthly which as she puts it is, "Part juicy inner exploration and part practical guided discovery."

She recently released her new book Into The Woods, which is a navigational map to the magic within you. And it's available for download & pre-sale. You can snag your copy here.

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Some of the highlights from our chat on intuition include:

  • Intuition isn't for a select few; it's already within us all
  • Using tarot & oracle to tap in & strengthen your intuitive "muscles"
  • (Re)learning to trust those gut feelings
  • The SoulSelf vs. the HumanSelf
  • Dealing with and recognizing fear, anxiety & burnout
  • Identifying and reflecting on your seasons of growth & life

Resources mentioned:

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