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58. On Why You Should Not be Trying to Resist Your Carb Cravings

Photo sourced from my favorite cafe-with-a-cause, Cafe at 407!

Photo sourced from my favorite cafe-with-a-cause, Cafe at 407!

We’re back for another media literacy episode, where we dive deep into a recent piece of media as it related to body acceptance, eating disorder recovery, and health (from a HAES perspective. This week we are digging into an article entitled “10 Simple Ways To Stop Craving Carbs All The Time,” sources from Mind Body Green.

If you’ve been a long-time listener, you can already guess how many problems I have with an article like this, just based on the title alone. But if you’re not sure why the idea of trying to resist or ignore our carb cravings (or our cravings in general) is problematic then you’ll definitely want to make sure to tune in!

I know I talk a lot about carbs and why they’re so gosh darn important, so this may not be totally new info if you’ve been listening for a while. But it may serve as a much needed refresher, given that we’re headed into the holidays (traditionally a very body-politically-charged time of year) AND with all of the low-carb rhetoric floating around the internet these days.

I hope you enjoy!