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16. Fats, Carbs, Proteins & Intuition {solo episode}


this week on the podcast it's just you and me, and we're getting real about Gentle Nutrition: what it is, how you can implement it, and how you can use this basic nutrition knowledge in combination with your intuition to find your own version of health.  I’m here to tell you that

A. you need all three macros to fully live in health, and

B. while yes protein is important, that doesn’t mean it’s any more important than the other two. And

C. All of this nutrition info is important, but it has GOT to be paired with your own intuition in order to really honor your health.

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Some highlights from the episode:

  • Basic lowdown on the macronutrients
  • Why fat isn't going to make you fat
  • Why you NEED carbs
  • How to stop destroying your metabolism
  • Why high protein diets aren't going to work in the long term
  • How you can increase your satiety levels
  • How you can pair nutrition info with intuitive cues for your best health
  • My formula for becoming an intuitive eater

Resources mentioned:

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