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54. Everything You Know About Obesity Is Wrong - an audio version of this very important article by HuffPost

Sourced from the original article by Michael Hobbes

Sourced from the original article by Michael Hobbes

This week we have another installment of my solo series where we hash through a recent article on 'health', wellness, dieting, food and disordered eating, and discuss the actual facts behind the bold claims being made in these spaces.

But this week is a little bit different. Rather than tearing through this week’s article, fact checking and debunking, I’m actually just sharing a very important, much needed piece published by Huffington Post. I wouldn’t normally share something in this way, but I think that just speaks to HOW vital this information is, and I couldn’t have written it better myself.

This piece, written by Michael Hobbes addresses the very real marginalization that fat people face every single day of their lives, in addition to much of the misinformation we have about obesity.