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Tools For Your Anti-Dieting Toolbox? {Writing My Way to Self Acceptance}


How do I sum up the last year?

Well, in the simplest terms, it's been a lot. 

A lot of change, growth, love, settling, challenge, learning, adapting, connecting, working, playing, reflecting; it's been a lot. So much good has come to me since I made the leap to do something that means so much to me. So much, for lack of better words, pure joy, has come into my heart. Every time I have a client call my heart sings as I'm reminded that I'm so lucky to get to do what lights me up. As I'm reminded of how much I wish I had had this knowledge and these tools when I was in the thick of Orthorexia.

With that pure joy however, also comes all the work it takes to make that sh*t happen. And I'm not really talking about client work, I'm talking about life's work and the self work. You know, the daily upkeep of #allthethings, the constant inner dialogue, the self-trust & inner exploration, the love and connection- that stuff all takes energy to make happen. So I've been finding myself having more really high highs, and really low lows as of late. One moment I'm completely lit up; on fire from within; powering through and relishing in every second. The next I'm fighting to peel myself out of bed or off the couch and having a back and forth in my mind about opening my computer or doing house chores, or even just leaving the house.

Of course my mind immediately goes to the physical - there's gotta be something going on physically making me feel this way, right?! Maybe. More on that as I get some blood work back in the coming weeks.

But most likely? All that work, whether for myself, for my clients or just because "life," that energy comes from somewhere, and if we aren't careful about replenishing those energy stores, we'll quickly find ourselves lost on the side of the highway without a map, and out of gas.


Why am I telling you about my mild cases of depression?

Well there's two reasons really. One being that I think it's so important, especially as the Body Positive, Intuitive Eating, Anti-Dieting communities continue to grow (which, how amazing is that?!?), to share the behind the scenes of it all. To share that change, growth, happiness, body liberation - it's not a linear process. Far from it, frankly. 

The second reason being is that writing is one of the most cathartic ways I've found to cope. I'm constantly talking about tools with my clients, and developing resources and worksheets for people to use as tools to dig deeper. I also turn to things like tarot, meditation, breath work, cooking with friends, walking, reading, eating, coffee, dancing with my dog, but the writing is often the one that helps me not only cope, but to process and grow through whatever it is that's keeping me in the low. 

"Coping mechanisms"

sounds like a fancy term, so whether you call them that, tools, outlets, distractions, spiritual practices, self care, their important because they allow us to deal with the feelings, energy shifts and mental spirals, and either go deeper or pull ourselves out. Having the ability to recognize whether it's time to go deeper into yourself or time to take your head out of it all for a second, that is empowering and vital. And honestly, it doesn't necessarily have to be one or the other either. Sometimes we're not ready to go deeper into what's weighing us down yet. Sometimes we need to soothe and distract ourselves for a bit longer. And sometimes - most often when we've hit the low low - we're ready to make a major shift and really uncover what's bubbling underneath the surface.

So I urge you to take a second and think about your coping mechanisms; your tools. Do you have an array of things that both help you soothe and distract, as well as some that help you dig deeper into what's causing you to feel lost and out of gas? (sorry for the awful car analogies! But they seem to fit too perfectly)


What does this have to do with your journey towards food and body freedom?

Well my dear, if you're already on this path (which I'm going to assume you are, since you're here) you very well know that this sh*t takes time, and energy, and it ain't easy to reverse years of diet culture an body loathing from our hearts and minds. So you've got to have some tools along the way to both soothe and grow. 


Want to add to your toolbox?

If you're looking to start writing as an outlet, head to the vault for some questions and prompts to get you digging deeper. You can also check out my friend Katie's book for some journaling prompts, as well as my friend Chelsea's new website, Mercury Mermaid, for some upcoming virtual writing workshops!