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08. Letting go of the 'vegan' label + listening to your needs with Carrie Forrest


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Carrie Forrest is a blogger based in California who's mission is to create + share inspiration for healthy, happy, balanced living. I first found Carrie way back when I decided to go Vegan, at the time she too was vegan and was creating tons of plant based recipes for her readers.

Since Carrie was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease + later, thyroid cancer, she had to make some shifts when it came to her diet.

In the episode Carrie and I hash out her reasons for transitioning out of veganism, and learning to listen to her body's needs.

Some of the episode highlights:

  • Her transition into and out of veganism
  • The signs that her diet wasn't working for her
  • learning to navigate an autoimmune disease
  • overcoming food obsession + binge eating disorder
  • Understanding that 'health' doesn't have a size
  • moving past black + white thinking
  • and combating the food police