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37. Breathwork & rerouting old beliefs with Amy Kuretsky

*Photo borrowed from Amy's Instagram @amykuretsky

*Photo borrowed from Amy's Instagram @amykuretsky

Amy Kuretsky is back on the podcast sharing her newest skillset with us: breathwork. 

Amy believes (as do I!) that breathwork helps  you self-heal your body with the breath. This type of practice helps you experience an emotional release that is facilitated with love.It is especially helpful if you feel stuck in your life or have limiting beliefs you can't move past, or if you feel difficulty in opening your heart or receiving love, and if you would like to release strong emotions like grief or anger.

I did this style of breathwork with Amy back in December and honestly, it blew my mind. It helped me make the things I'd been telling myself around trust, healing, recovery, and abundance actually feel doable. 

In this episode Amy and I dig into the roots of this style of breathwork, the actual mechanics of it, and how it can help you heal. 

If you want to start practicing this in your own life right now, Amy's also got some rad resources for you which I've linked to below. Enjoy!!