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This is what happened when I stopped freaking out about my body

I'm not going to transcribe the whole video here but I want you to know why this subject is so important:

Spending so much of our precious time and energy on thinking about food, or our weight or the size and shape of our body is one of the biggest ways we distract ourselves from what we really want.

Whether it be what we want out of our lives or what we want to spend our morning doing on any given day- instead of getting clear about WHAT we want, WHY we really want it and HOW we can start to make shifts towards meeting those wants- we distract ourselves so that we don't have to feel uncomfortable.

Because most of the time the things we really want are scary. 

But by asking those questions, getting honest with our answers and knocking on the door of discomfort we can very easily see that controlling our food and our bodies is not going to get us closer to what we really want.

These are just some of the things that happened when I stopped freaking out about my body, my weight and my food:

  • No longer am I suffering from chronic bloating
  • My digestion is on point about 90% of the time
  • I'm not hungry all the time OR thinking about food all the time
  • My weight has stabilized- I don't know if it's more or less than a year ago, but I do know that I feel 100x better in my body and my mind
  • I'm more in tune with when I'm hungry and when I'm getting full, and I'm way more in tune with what I really want when I do feel hungry
  • My body has relaxed as my stress and anxiety has gone way down
  • I can eat at home or out and about without having to put a ton of thought or energy into planning it all
  • I have more time to do all the things that really light me up like getting creative, writing, coaching, teaching, fermenting, reading, enjoying my relationships, brewing... I could go on!!
  • My energy + attention has gotten so much better as I'm rarely ever in a "food fog" these days
  • And maybe my favorite of all: I'm a much happier human to be around. And that RULES.

Links mentioned in the video:

  • The Vault (where you'll find the cheat sheets- go get em!)
  • The podcast (where my guests and I talk all this food + body stuff)
  • The course (where you'll learn to feel fearless around food- YES!)