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15. Thriving with Crohn's & other digestive disorders with Amy Kuretsky


Amy Kuretsky is a health coach, acupuncturist and licensed herbalist who's expertise lies in helping creatives create the type of work and life they love. Amy was on the podcast last season sharing her wealth of knowledge in acupuncture and herbalism, but this season she's back walking us through her journey with Crohn's disease. Crohn's is a type of inflammatory bowel disease that unfortunately affects a pretty large portion of our population, so she's sharing her journey, treatment experiences, and best practices for not only living with Crohn's, but thriving. 

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Episode highlights:

  • Amy's symptoms of this particular digestive disorder
  • Western & Eastern medicine used in conjunction 
  • Health care vs. self care
  • Her exact day-to-day habits for maintaining her best health

Resources mentioned:

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