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What a closet purge can do for your self image


Last week I decided it was time to do a major closet purge

After having a lovely chat with Andrea Sanders about her life’s work as an environmental activist and founder of BeZero, I felt inspired- compelled- to start minimizing all the chaos, not just in my home but in my life. closet purge self image

The easiest place to start? Or course as a woman, is the closet

I am not going to pretend I’m the type of girl who shops once a year for basic pieces, owns only practical shoes, and does laundry once a week because otherwise I’d be out of clothes. That is faaaaaar from me. Though this closet purge was my attempt at becoming slightly more like that girl- if she even exists IRL.

So as I stood over my bed, picking through piece after piece asking myself “have I work this in the last 3 months?” I found it sort of difficult to toss much at all. The reality of it is- yeah, I have worn most of the pieces in my closet at one point or another over the last few months. Then a better question hit me.

Is this something that I’ve worn in the last three months AND also felt reaaaaally good in all day long, physically as well as emotionally/mentally/spiritually?”

A huge part of my work as a coach is to help women feel better in their bodies. If you’ve read any of the copy on my website at all before landing here, you already know that. But I think a big part of what gets lost in this “health” and “wellness” world is that feeling good in your body doesn’t always come down to the things you do or don’t put in your body.

Feeling good in your body is so much more than your food choices, or whether or not you made it to the gym this week.

Feeling good in your body can be dependent upon things like:

How you talk about/ to your body

How you dress your body

How you present your body to the world

How you’re sleeping these days

Your sex life

Your stress level … and on and on and on

So how can purging your closet help you feel better in your bod?

Back to the question of “is this something I’ve felt reaaaaaally good in all day long?”

  1. If you’re trying to fit into certain clothes because you paid X amount of money for them, but they never fit right in the first place, They are NOT serving you.
  2. If you are holding onto certain pieces with the hope that ONE DAY they will fit; you know, that miracle day when you finally reach your goal weight? Yeah, stop that right now.
  3. If you are squeezing into that pair of skinnies time and time again, only to tuck them back into the drawer when they won’t button, promising yourself that next time- next time they will fit. Those jeans are RUINING your body image. Let them go.

Holding on to all those negative thoughts, emotions and triggers is just another way we punish ourselves for not fitting into the ideal standards the media and our diet-culture have set for us around having the “right” body and making the “right” food choices.

See, body image is not this huge mystery

It is simply just the way we view/judge our own physical appearance. And if we can start to create a world where the only things you hear in the morning when getting dressed go like “Damn girl, spin around again!” “This dress looks ahhhmazing- how many different ways can I wear this this week without people noticing…..?” “Woof. This is so comfy, can I please be buried in this outfit?”

Our judgments about our bodies sound way less harsh, and our body image slowly begins to shift. And when are body image improves we begin to make more intuitive decisions based on self-care versus self-punishment.

Until next time- keep curious. Get real. And get rid of some sh*t in your closet. indly clear out more space for all the good feels.