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44. Embodied Tarot for healing with Abbie Plouff, the Northern Lights Witch

Abbie Plouff Northern Lights Witch

In this episode of Well and Weird Abbie Plouff, the Northern Lights Witch, shares her work, and her story of coming to a place of embodiment. As a proud, radical, queer witch, Abbie uses the tarot (and magic in general) to help make her own life and and the lives of her clients richer and more aligned.

Abbie shares some of her body story, some of the battles she faced in deciding to fully embrace the term 'witch,' and how we can use the tarot to start getting back into our bodies after trauma and/or dissociation. Whether you identify as a witch or not- that's totally fine, but this episode offers so much medicine in the name of body acceptance, self acceptance and tapping into your innate wisdom- your intuition, you won't want to miss it.