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40. Being with our feelings, setting boundaries, shifting spirituality, diet culture & more with Barbara Erochina

Barbara erochina be with cards feelings coach

Barbara Erochina is an feelings coach for healers and leaders. She offers coaching insight, retreats and resources for smart, hardworking women who are ready to feel less anxious and insecure. 

In this conversation, Barbara and I dig deep into sitting with and FEELING our feelings. We talk about her journey with spirituality and her experience as a queer woman in the evangelical community. We talked about being able to set boundaries with friends and family, especially when you're going through a hard time (like recovery, for example!). And we talked about reframing our emotions; shifting from 'positive' and 'negative' to 'easy' and 'hard' feelings. She also shared her experience with intuitive eating and her relationship with her body, and how this process is has a repetition of rejecting diet culture over and over again.

Barbara is full of wisdom, love, and insight and I can't wait to share this convo with you all!

Barbara erochina be with cards feelings coach