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42. Pressing PAUSE on Intuitive Eating in the beginning of your recovery, reconnecting to your body, toxic IG happenings and more with The Cranky Therapist, Jess Sprengle

Jess Sprengle LPC eating disorder recovery specialist austin texas

Jess Sprengle is a licensed professional counselor, an Eating Disorder Recovery specialist, an Intuitive Eating/HAES/body acceptance advocate, and an intersectional feminist. Today on the podcast, Jess is sharing her own story of Eating Disorder recovery, as well as some of her insights from her experience as a professional counselor working in the ED field.

We talk about some of the stages of the recovery process, how it's important to WAIT before attempting Intuitive Eating until you've gone through the re-feeding process, reconnecting to your body, the importance of doing trauma work, some of the toxic things we're seeing on Instagram in the ED recovery community (and what to avoid!) and so much more. 

Jess is an absolute pleasure and I know you're going to love this episode, her work and her witty Insta posts as much as I do.