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39. "Do I have an eating disorder?" An exploration of disordered eating signs, symptoms and support (solo episode)

Holly Lowery Eating Disorder Recovery Coach Journaling

In this month's solo episode, we're talking about the most commonly googled phrase in the eating disorder field, 'Do I have an eating disorder?"

I wanted to make this episode because I know that when I was most struggling with my own eating disorder, I really didn't know how many of the things I was experiencing were actually symptoms of my disordered eating behaviors and thought patterns. My hope is that this episode opens the door for some of you listening to get curious about your own relationship with food, movement and your body so that you can start to get the support you need to heal and recover.

In the episode I outline some of the common behavioral symptoms as well as some physical symptoms. And I also share some resources for those who are listening and want to get the support.