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3 essentials for recovery from and eating disorder, disordered eating or body dissatisfaction

I had the incredible opportunity to be featured on The Mighty's NEDA Week video series. In it I'm sharing 3 of the essentials through my own recovery process, in the hopes that you can take them & make them your own! Enjoy


Number one is support. And that looks a lot of different ways. For most of us it takes an army, and that’s totally OK. That can mean your dietician, your therapist, a coach, your family and friends, a support group – whatever it is that’s going to keep you moving forward through the process, and that’s like your safety net when things get really tough.

Number two is self-care. For me this looks like any practice that makes me feel attended to. Any practice that allows me to pause in my day and come back home to myself.

Number three is a sense of spirit. That can be a connection to your own spirit, connection to a higher power, but for me this connection to something bigger than myself was what enabled me to push through some really tough, icky times. Because the recovery process is not butterflies and rainbows, it can be hard. But those three things are what really kept me driving forward in my own recovery process, so I hope that you can take them and make them your own. Thanks so much for watching guys.