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32. Eff your new years resolution

Holly Lowery- new years resolution won't work

In the final podcast of 2017, we dig into why your new years resolutions don't work, how shifting towards setting value and spirit-aligned intentions does, and how intuition and intention go hand in hand to keep your self care game strong.

New years holds a lot of power for us to create change with. And holds even more power as it is the year of the high priestess- a year for using our intuitions, honoring intentions, and surrendering to the ease, slow and flow instead of stacking to-do's and shoulds on our already full plates. This episode will help you reframe your mindset around the new year and motivate you to get dreamy & intentional for what you want in 2018. 


Resources mentioned:

New Year, New Moon Workshop - happening Jan 16th!

Values worksheet from the vault

Previous podcast episodes on values:  Ep. 31 & Ep. 23