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How to eat "normally" during the holidays (but let's be real, also any time of year)

Photo by Mary Grace Johnson, originally published by Syracuse Woman Magazine

Photo by Mary Grace Johnson, originally published by Syracuse Woman Magazine

There is no one-stop-shop, easyyyy peasssy answer to all your holiday anxiety around food and body and weight and dessert - this time of year can feel really weird, I know.

But it can also be relaxing, calm and nourishing - if you let it. 
It can feel normal!

What is "normal" eating anyways? 
My version of "normal" is being able to be around food without thinking about it all that much. It's being able to enjoy food without feeling guilty about it. It's about being able to eat what I want, and as much as I want without eating to discomfort. It's about being able to celebrate with the people I love without paying much attention at all to food before & after eating it. 
So simple. But oh my gosh, how GOOOOOOD it feels!


So how can you bring more of that into your holiday season this year? 

+ first you've got to grant yourself permission to eat whatever it is that you want
+ then you've gotta get curious about what it is that you reaaaaaally want, how that food/ behavior made you feel & where your cravings may be coming from
+ And when in doubt just try making decisions from a place of respect; not only for your body, but for your mind & heart too!

For the purpose of not making this coaching note a bajillion miles long, I'm skimming over a whole lot of the self-reflection, self-care & self-compassion that also goes into this along the way. 
So just know that this process does not happen over night.
This holiday season isn't the end all be all.
Every single day is another opportunity for you to put these practices into play.
Every single meal is an opportunity for you to use your intuition and your senses.
And every single time you look in the mirror is an opportunity to choose kindness over dissatisfaction. 

Get intentional. Make this mindset a priority. Pull together your resources & do this thang!

This week I've got you covered with some extra resources & tips for holiday (intuitive)eating. 

01. The first being an article I wrote for the December issue of Syracuse Woman Magazine.
Here's a quick lil excerpt:

"What I’m prescribing today isn’t the typical holiday nutrition advice. I’m not going to tell you to limit your dessert or wine intake or take one less helping of your favorite casserole. That may give you a sense of control when things seem like they’re spiraling, but how often has the “eat this, not that” method really made you feel satisfied? If you were left thinking about how badly you wanted to eat whatever dessert Grandma brought to Thanksgiving, you weren’t satisfied.

The trouble with the “eat this, not that” method — or any diet, quite frankly — is it works against our biological instincts. We’re wired to feel hunger, find food and feed ourselves. We’re also wired to stop when we’ve satisfied that hunger."

02. The second resource I wanna share is the Love Rising podcast, which I had the opportunity to be a guest on (What!? Lil old me?! YEAH!) where I'm going in on what it means to eat "normally" and how we can start to work towards that.


Check out the Love Rising Podcast & listen to our episode here ->

Wherever you're at in this Anti-Diet journey, trust that you've got this holiday season.