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How Reigniting Feminine Power Can Change the Narrative Around Beauty and Bodies

*This post was originally published on Circles of Change

This morning, in much need of some spiritual solace, I pulled a tarot card.

Queen of Swords.

Mind you, by no means am I a pro at the whole tarot thing, but it has been a very tangible tool for me to quiet down, sit still, dig deeper and flex my intuition. It’s enabled me to process and cope with some intense emotions on this road to recovery.

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Queen of Swords represents feminine strength, honesty, straightforwardness, truth-knowing, subtle power and wisdom. She is not afraid to get honest with herself or tell it how it is. She’s witty and lighthearted and gentle on herself as well as on others. Her strength is drawn from past trauma and self-exploration. She’s not afraid to peel back the layers in order to get to the bottom of what’s really going on.

When it comes to how I feel about my body, “powerful” is not usually a feeling I resonate with.

For most of human history, women have struggled to remain in power over their own bodies. Both in terms of physically feeling safe from harm as well as feeling like we have complete autonomy over how we adorn, nourish, care for and feel about our bodies.

Unfortunately in the system we live in, our bodies are often constantly at the mercy of whatever our culture deems beautiful; and if you’re “beautiful,” you’re often considered more worthy of feeling safe and accepted and respected. But what if your beauty doesn’t fit into the small box you’ve been given? More often than not, all of that safety, acceptance and respect are pretty much off the table. If you feel powerless, how are you going to change that narrative?

Enter the feminine power. A softer power; the gentle strength that sources from your gut.

Like the Queen of Swords we must tune into our past experiences, the good and the bad; to use as our source of strength and knowing as we move toward body acceptance. I think we have to get honest with ourselves about what we need and desire. We have to use our voices to ask for those needs and desires to be met, and to tell it how it is when boundaries need to be set. We have to be gentle on ourselves when it doesn’t come easy. We have to trust in our strength and stop questioning whether it’s too much. We have to peel back our layers to reveal what’s left to heal under the surface. And we have to step into our power to make that healing possible.

Your power and sense of intuition may feel squelched right now. I would not be the least bit surprised given the current state of affairs, politically and culturally speaking. So how do you reignite that power? How do you tap back into your intuition?

Both of these things are like muscles. They have to be flexed every so often to keep working well. If it’s been awhile since you’ve flexed either, start small. Practice saying no. Carve out time for yourself to reflect and nurture yourself. Pull together tools like writing, tarot or movement to tune into what your body and your spirit are trying to tell you. Those small, gentle acts of care toward yourself are even more powerful than you know. And practiced regularly, will equip you to feel like a Queen of Swords: powerful in her own gentle way, intuitively connected, unafraid to speak her mind and ready to take her healing into her own hands.