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3 Must Haves For Respecting (& Loving!) Your Body

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In case you didn't know, Circles of Change has officially deemed October Love Your Body Month, and though the month has flown and it's nearly November (um, how by the way?!) there is still so much I have to say about what it means to love your body. 

While I know not every woman reading this is in a place where "loving" your body feels accessible, I want to make the argument that loving your body and respecting it are nearly the same. 
If we remove the limited ideals we have about beauty from the mix, couldn't loving our bodies mean caring about them enough to nurture them with food and water and rest and movement?
Couldn't loving our bodies mean embracing their ever evolving appearance?
Couldn't loving our bodies mean being kind to them even when we don't really love the way they look on a given day?
Couldn't loving our bodies mean tuning into what our hearts have to say instead of listening to diet culture?
I think so, x1000000, and today I want to share 3 things that are going to make all of that possible.

01. Some sort of mindfulness practice
I know last week on the podcast we talked about this so I won't go in too deep again here, but this is so crucial in your ability to draw some awareness around the way that you're talking to yourself about food & your body. So often we aren't even aware of all the nasty things we say to ourselves all day long, and that sh*t takes a toll. Carving out some sort of practice where you can just sit and get curious about your own beliefs about your body, is so necessary if you're ever going to get to the part where you stomp out all those limiting beliefs. Not to mention, this practice will take your ability to tune into your intuition to the next level!

02. If I ever had anything I wanted to shout from the rooftops it would be this: GRANT YOURSELF SOME DAMN PERMISSION!
around everything and anything relating to your body, your (mental & physical!) health, beauty & food.
The number of times I have to remind my clients & even myself to grant more permission is more than I could begin to count. Permission to eat, to be gentle on myself, to embrace my unique body, to explore my hunger drive, to navigate where my boundaries are, to change, to not just eat for "health" reasons, to feel all those tough feelings that come up through this, to reject the culture that tells me my body is not enough, to eat with pleasure and gusto, to eat in full view of others, to move in ways that feel good without feeling like it wasn't enough, to respect my body even when loving it feels hard. Permission is queen.  Because when we can grant ourselves permission we simultaneously melt away the notion that we can't do those things. We melt away the notion that we can't eat, that we can't feel our feelings to their fullest, that we can't love our bodies as they are. All of a sudden those seemingly impossible things aren't that far from our reach. 

03. Girl, you gotta get some serious support
Support can look a lot of different ways. It could mean finding resources in your community, it could mean joining a support group virtually or in person, it could mean recruiting your best friends as you work to get to a better place both mentally & physically. It could also mean working with someone like me who's main mission is to get you healthy without turning to diets, harsh workouts or drastic lifestyle changes. Whatever shape support takes for you, it's a non-negotiable. Because this work is hard. It's not something you can just check off your list. And it often takes an army of committed warriors by your side to navigate you through this very messy diet culture we live in.

So there you have it, 3 must-haves for respecting & loving your body. It might not be the easiest check list yet, but it's the one that will actually deliver so long as you make the commitment to yourself. 

I wish you the BEST Love Your Body Month & I'd love to know how YOU show love for your body?! For reals, let me know!



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