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07. My Messy Body History: Solo Episode


You guys already know what I'm about, but I wanted to share a story that I haven't really shared outside of my close personal circle. In honor of National Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2017 and their theme, Let's talk about it, I felt it was time to share MY body story; my struggles with food + body image.

Something I care so deeply about is helping other women who struggle with feeling happy in their bodies + feeling like the boss around food. And while my advice + encouragement have the potential to help struggling women, I'm hoping that my own journey through all this messy stuff will take that advice + encouragement one step further; I'm hoping that my story will provide motivation + TRUST as you work through all of your own messy food + body stuff.

In this episode I walk you through:

  • My relationship with food + my body as a child and into my teenage years
  • The types of pressure I felt, as many other young women do to be perfect and look perfect
  • How the diet culture crept into my own mind and paved the way for my disordered eating habits
  • My journey through vegetarianism and veganism
  • How dieting and being "healthy becomes a part of our identity + source of bonding
  • When trying to be "healthy" turns into an obsession
  • My rock bottom
  • My 4 truths; the things that keep me from returning to the dieting + disordered eating
  • My upcoming course Body Truce; another tool to help you work through your own body history