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06. Making Change, Meeting your Needs + Putting your 'Self' First with Mara Glatzel


Mara Glatzel is an Intuitive guide and energy healer- which if you know anything about my work you know intuition is at the core of every bit of what I'm about. Mara's all about cultivating safe, cozy spaces for women to be able to get back in tune with who they are and what they want. She invites women to get curious about their needs and helps them create the space they need to meet those needs.

I first found Mara through Tiffany Han's podcast and immediately fell in love with her energy. Her courses on rest, body love and self acceptance are in my opinion some of the best pieces of soul homework I've come across. Her warm spirit, vibrant confidence and affirming energy are addictive- if you don't trust me go wander around her website for a bit.

Mara and I had the pleasure of chatting about:

  • Her "breakthrough moment" of deciding to live more in accordance with her intuitive needs
  • How to make choices that honor your wants, dreams and intuition
  • Defining your own version of success and living that truth
  • Understanding you can always change course
  • How to meet your own expectations first
  • Taking up space as a woman and dwelling in your body- unapologetically
  • The golden staircase model of change vs. the linear model
  • How to draw boundaries to make more space in your life
  • The "busy" mindset, and rewriting the productivity story
  • Making REST a to-do
  • And we examine what it really means when you "don't have the time" to put yourself first