Holly Lowery
Eating Disorder Recovery Coach & Anti-Diet Advocate


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I get it, you're over hating on your body

Maybe you struggle with feeling good in your body?

Maybe you feel like food is your kryptonite?

Maybe your physical health is suffering but you can’t seem to  get your sh*t together when it comes to taking care of yourself?

But let me tell you a little secret:

Getting your sh*t together when it comes to taking care of your health doesn’t have to feel like a punishment. Making healthier choices doesn’t involve cutting out foods you love, and feeling good in your body definitely doesn’t start with weight loss.

*It’s my mission to make you feel like a boss around food + in your body


here's what i know at my core:

+ Getting healthy has become way too convoluted- and at the end of the day, it’s way more instinctual than we've made it out to be

+ Getting healthy should not require you to make black and white boundaries with food, movement or lifestyle choices

+ Getting healthy always starts with getting curious about what’s going on underneath the surface- what’s really driving your desire to change your body?

+ And getting healthy means taking deliberate but gentle big-girl steps to improve your relationship with your body

A great first big-girl step?

what do I know about food & body image struggles though?

I’ve got quite the messy food/weight related past; I won’t go into too much detail now but if you’re interested you can listen to more on that here.

For years I went back and forth between different types of diets, detoxes, cleanses, you name it. I was absolutely positive that there was something in my diet that was keeping me from the body I thought I was meant to have.
It never once dawned on me during all this that hmmmm…

Maybe it was the stress of dieting itself that was keeping me feeling bloaty, tired and weighed down?
Maybe it was the lack of gratitude I had for my body and all the amazing sh*t it does for me?
Maybe I could be healthy and feel like a million bucks at any size?
MAYBE it wasn’t the food at all, it was actually the way I approached food that was the real problem?

It wasn't until I...

+ got real with myself about the fact that I needed to make some sort of major shift

+ found support and accountability from people who actually felt great in their bodies without obsessing about their size or their health

+ let go of all of the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’t’s’ and guilt around food – aka granted myself FULL permission

That I was I finally able to make some sustainable changes, accept and love my body & truly find health.

Qualifications, education & training

I am a huge proponent of self-education, and am continuously reading and researching to keep up with the latest literature in the wellness, nutrition & recovery fields. However I know we all like legit on-paper credentials; I’ve got those too!

Shortly after obtaining a Bachelor’s of Science in Communication Studies from the State University at Oneonta, I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition after realizing how much my life + health shifted after I started reworking the way I had been approaching health.

School taught me a few very important things:

+ The Importance of tuning back into your body + tools for doing so

+ Numerous effective coaching methods for kicking the diet approach to the curb

+ Practical ways to manage your lifestyle so you can start doing the sh*t that matters most

+ And tactics for setting tall goals + actually meeting them

And because I tend to crave a little more woo-woo in both my work and my life, I'm always studying & practicing some sort of alternative healing technique like pranayama (breath work), tarot or journaling & simultaneously weaving them into my client work!

In addition to my coaching work, I've also partnered up with the boss ladies behind Circles of Change in an effort to change the culture and conversation around food, movement and body image. Through working with with Circles of Change I've had the opportunity to train and speak about eating disorder recovery, body acceptance and Health at Every Size throughout New York State. 

Holly Lowery Intuitive Eating Coach counselor

Things my girlfriends would tell you if they had the chance:

When I'm not in the midst of recording a new podcast episode or making magic with my brave crew of coaching clients, you can usually bet I'm:

  • Sipping coffee at Cafe at 407 (probably too often!)
  • Spending time in the garden
  • Brewing Kombucha beer
  • Dancing around the living room with my dog
  • Pulling a tarot card and journaling it out 
  • Practicing my intuitive cooking skills by using up every last strange vegetable from our CSA
  • Listening to copious amounts of podcasts
  • Making something out of yarn
  • Taste testing the newest dish at my favorite Mexican joint up the street
  • Reading the latest in feminism, self-help, health & spirituality (I'm just slightly woo-woo if you couldn't tell)
  • Or snuggling with my partner, catching up on GOT, Master of None or re-watching Mad Men

psssst: all made possible by the fact that I spend zero time trying to have the perfect body



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